Teen Sexuality Counseling 

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Educating Teens about Sex

If you believe, that your teenager is struggling with sexual issues that are impairing functioning and/or causing considerable distress, then it may be time to seek help. Parents and teenagers should be educated on the sources from which children can obtain sexual knowledge.

Today, children are receiving a wealth of information about sex through social media, the internet and peer pressure. Health classes and sex education programs in the schools present information about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy risk, and birth control methods. Studies find that traditional sex education, as it has been offered in the United States, increases sexual knowledge, but has minimal effect on whether or not teens engage in sex or use contraception.

Teen Sexuality Counseling

At New River Women’s Health, we make it a priority to educate teens and young women about healthy lifestyle alternatives and responsible sexual choices. Teens need to be knowledgeable about their bodies and the risks associated with early sexual activity and the consequences.

Our counseling services includes topics such as:

  • Sexual Aggressiveness
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Risk of Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Making healthy and well thought out decisions
  • Vaccinations to guard against HPV

Teenage girls often have many questions regarding their every changing bodies. We strive to answer questions and provide information on menstrual cycles and irregularities, breast growth, prevention of STDs and when to have your first gynecological exam.

We believe that developing a trusting relationship with a gynecologist early in life can prove to be beneficial for future reproductive health. At New River Women’s Health, we want women of all ages to know they have an information source and quality health care related to all of their gynecologic needs.