low intervention birthplanPreparing a birth plan is a useful guideline that expresses your desires and needs for laboring, delivery and postpartum. At New River Women’s Health, we encourage mothers to envision and prepare a birth plan that will best meet your needs during labor and delivery. The plan should be concise and you should communicate your desires to your doctor so you can achieve your best possible birth experience.

Low Intervention Births 

A low intervention birth plan suggests that you will want minimal medical intervention during your labor and delivery. The mother typically plans on being mobile, having light snacks and drinks and using natural options to control pain.

To promote comfort during labor, we encourage you to move around with intermittent monitoring and without a continuously running IV. We encourage women to monitor their own nourishment by drinking plenty of water and eating light snacks as needed. We promote the use of birthing balls and we welcome doulas to be present during your delivery. We also utilize other holistic modalities to increase comfort.

Preparing for Low Intervention Births

To achieve a low intervention childbirth, education is critical.  Enroll in a natural childbirth class such as The Bradley Method or Lamaze Natural Childbirth.  These classes will help prepare you for the complex and natural process your body goes through to bring life into this world.  These classes will also teach coping skills for pain management. Some methods of natural pain management include:

  • The birthing ball
  • Counter pressure
  • Changing positions
  • Walking
  • Water
  • Massage
  • Deep breathing
  • Heat
  • Visualization

Your natural pain management will depend on how much you have practiced techniques learned in your birthing classes.

At New River Women’s Health, we provide a broad spectrum of obstetrical care; from quiet, low-intervention, and natural births, to high-risk pregnancy management and delivery. For those patients desiring a Low Intervention Birth Experience, we work closely with the Labor and Delivery Room Nurses and Labor Support Professionals to meet this goal.

Dr. Campbell is not only dedicated and trained in low intervention birth, but she has the knowledge and experience to guide her patients through any issues or medical complications that might arise in your pregnancy. At your next appointment feel free to discuss your options during delivery.