The Well Woman Exam: Staying Healthy with One Yearly VisitSelf-care is trending. It’s cool to take care of ourselves. It often gets tagged as an inspirational quote in beautiful lettering or gets posted on social media as enjoying a sheet mask with a chilled glass of rosé (or your favorite drink!). That’s all great, and we should all engage in activities we enjoy as part of self-care, but when was the last time you thought about self-care as going to the doctor? We call this the Well Woman exam.

As women, we often have the tendency to take care of others before taking care of ourselves. That means that ailments that could be easily prevented are not found sometimes until it’s sadly too late. An annual exam focused on women’s health can set you up for success in taking care of your health. Often called the Well Woman Exam, it’s a great opportunity to reflect with your doctor on what worked for your health during the past year and what didn’t. It’s also an opportunity to keep pre-existing conditions and other more serious conditions connected to family history in check and make adjustments in your daily habits so you feel great all the time. 

Your Well Woman Exam will be tailored to your needs, so it might be as little as a check-in with your doctor, or follow-ups for additional testing might be required. If you maintain healthy habits throughout the year, your Well Woman Exam might not be more than a conversation with your doctor to see how things are and what you can do better in the following year to keep your health at optimal levels. 

As part of your Well Woman Exam, your doctor can ask questions about your general health and your reproductive health. It’s a good idea to keep track of your periods every month and note changes in their duration, flow, and pain. There are lots of apps available for smartphones that can help track important information regarding reproductive health that could come in handy during a Well Woman Exam. If you’re trying to conceive, keeping track of your cycles and sharing that information with your doctor can help your physician make better recommendations. 

One of the most important benefits of a Well Woman Exam is that it’ll help you and your doctor determine how many times a year you need to go to the doctor, and for what exactly. That way, you’re not taking time off work, finding childcare, or spending money on a copay for a visit you don’t need. 

Prevention is the best medicine. Set yourself up for a healthy year with one visit to your doctor. Contact us today to schedule your Well Woman Exam.