Annual Wellness Exam

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At New River Women’s Health, we understand that women’s healthcare needs change throughout their life. Our priority is to educate women and to empower them to make positive health choices. Our gynecological specialist provides an annual wellness exam, which is an imperative part of medical care for women. It is the time you meet with your doctor to discuss any changes or concerns you may have regarding your reproductive health.

What to Expect During an Exam

In general, the components of the physical examination will depend on the age of the patient and if they have had a hysterectomy. Most physical examinations include:

  • Collecting vital signs, weight and a urine sample
  • Discussion about menstrual cycle, birth control and any issues you may be having with yeast infections, sexual intercourse, bladder infections, hemorrhoids
  • Determine your body mass index
  • Listening to lungs and heart
  • Clinical breast examination
  • Pelvic examination including a PAP smear and bimanual exam to palpate ovaries and evaluate uterus
  • Palpating the abdomen and inguinal lymph nodes
  • Assessing patient’s overall health
  • For patients 35 and over or those with family history of breast cancer, a mammogram order will be written.

The Importance of Gynecological Exams

A yearly gynecological exam is an important aspect to a woman’s overall health. A yearly exam can help:

  • Recognize risk factors for disease
  • Review healthy lifestyle choices
  • Minimize health risks
  • Identify medical problems
  • Establish a long term clinician – patient relationship   

It is important that you make and keep these annual checkups with your gynecologist so that any health issues you may have will be caught early and treated sooner. The annual gynecological exam helps provide guidance and testing that will promote wellness and good health habits for all women.